Corpus Christi Elementary School Art activities exposes students to drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture, ceramics and crafts tools to expand their imaginations in the visual arts. Allowances are always made for individual differences and when possible, projects are linked to the curriculum, art history, current events and nature.

The faculty introduces students to the principles of design and arrangement, using a wide range of media and to the basic principles of realistic drawing. Corpus Christi School Visual Arts program helps children see, discuss and evaluate art in historical, cultural and design perspectives.



At Corpus Christi, musical expression happens through singing, instrument playing, poetry, rhymes, and games. In an atmosphere of experimentation and play, students are led to experience the elements of music through formal theory exercises and worksheets; through classroom singing; and through learning to play pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments. Music appreciation is taught by introducing students to live performances.



Corpus Christi dedicates itself to a comprehensive education which emphasizes the realization of potential and favors a varied learning experience. The faculty in partnership with parents consciously reinforce the students’ development from an initial dependence on family and teachers toward a self-reliance appropriate to their level of maturity. Corpus Christi encourages its students to gain a solid grounding in the teachings of Christ through prayer, respect for life, and fundamental academic skills, sharpen their intellectual curiosity, cultivate artistic expression, strive for physical well-being, exhibit compassionate behavior and increase their social consciousness.



The goal of the Corpus Christi athletic program is to develop skills, coordination, physical conditioning and stamina; to encourage a lifelong interest in physical fitness; to develop the willingness and ability of our students to work with others in a group effort; to promote participation in a variety of team sports while not encouraging specialization; and to provide an opportunity for personal satisfaction. The program plants the seed for a continuing appreciation of participating in a physically active and healthy life.



The Learning Assistance Department is comprised of learning assistance teachers and teaching assistants who work in collaboration with classroom teachers to support students achieve successes in their school-life. The Department offers a variety of programs to help meet the academic needs of students, including Enrichment, Enriched Language Skills, Computer Skills and Guided Reading.

In addition to the structured small-group pull-out programs, the departmental staff members work in class with students who might require additional support, either on a one-to-one basis and/or in small groups. Department members also work toward preparing our students for the eventual transition to high school with classes in exam preparation, as well as with an after-school/lunch-time Study Skills program.