Important Updates

The school will be closed for Spring Break from Mar. 12 - Mar. 23. The school will reopen on Mon., Mar. 26th. Wishing you all a restful and safe break.

Welcome to Corpus Christi School

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Corpus Christi School is a Catholic community called by God to share in the mission of the Church. With Christ as our center, the parish, teachers and parents work closely together in love and prayer to create a joyous and challenging place of learning.  Each child will be encouraged to grow intellectually, physically, socially, aesthetically and above all, spiritually. By preparing our students to be responsible and active members of the Church, we are building God’s kingdom.


          BullyFreeSchool     The staff at Corpus Christi School is committed to ensuring that our school environment is safe and non-threatening. All students are valued and treated with respect and dignity. All students should be able to learn in an atmosphere free from fear, hatred, harassment, bullying and intolerance.

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Kevin C. and Kevin D.  (Gr. 7) donated $500 toward the building of the new school.  They raised this money by asking for donations instead of presents for their birthday.   Special thanks to Kevin C. and Kevin D.  for their generosity and leadership, to their parents and those families that participated.



This Year's Theme


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Our Parish

Our parish is a vibrant multi-ethnic Catholic community located at the corner of Nanaimo Street and 48th Avenue in Southeast Vancouver. | Visit the site »